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Celebrating Curiosity - Igniting Passions

Pacem School is an intellectually inspiring, joyful learning community in Montpelier, VT. We are a state-approved, full-time independent 6th - 12th grade school, and in addition, we offer coursework and extra-curricular support to homeschoolers age 8 - 18.  Our students are curious and passionate. We give them time and freedom to pursue their interests while supporting them with an intellectually rich curriculum. Our exceptional faculty, all experts in their fields, inspire and guide our students every day. Pacem provides a community where each student is known and cherished. This setting allows our students to develop confidence, feel empowered, and to blossom.


Pacem's Love Letters to the Community

The Love Letters to the Community Video Project was a collaborative effort by Pacem students, teachers, and alumni in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to express our love and support for each other and for Pacem.

Pacem: 10 years and beyond

Enjoy our visual retrospective of the past 10 years

What is Pacem?

Students at Pacem tell us what they love about their school.

 Too Much Information!

 Check out this fabulous quiz show video made by our Video Production Class in collaboration with ORCA media.

 Outdoor Days

 Every year we start start the fall outside.  Click to see the fun!

COVID-19 response

We are extremely proud both of our small Pacem community, and the greater community of Vermont for their support and courage during this unprecedented time.  We are excited to announce that we will be opening for in-person classes this fall according to our published schedule.  We plan to be entirely outside in September and October!  Not only will this help us to be safe, but it will offer some wonderful curricular opportunities.  Once it is too cold, we will be inside, spaced 6 feet apart in our spacious classrooms.  Read a summary of our plan for ensuring the health and safety of our community, or for more details, see the full plan here.

Pacem Stands with People of Color

Across America, people are rising up to demand justice for people of color. Pacem School stands with the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community. We mourn the lives lost and damaged by the scourge of racism, and we believe that change is necessary to right the injustice of our society.  Read our full statement of support and action here.


 Upcoming Events

Thursday September 3 and Friday September 4:  Outdoor Days 

Wednesday September 9: First day of classes (with mandatory orientation for all students in the morning.)

Join us!

We accept students on a rolling space-available basis.  We are currently accepting applications for next year and encourage you to contact us and complete our online application formCourse descriptions and the weekly schedule for this school year and next school year are available.  

Classes for 8 to 10-year olds

 Pacem is pleased to announce that we will be offering a series of short (every Thursday for 6 to 7 weeks) enrichment classes for younger students aged 8 to 10 in 2020-2021.  Children of this age are excited to explore their expanding world, and we want to support them! These classes will foster creativity, inquiry, skill development, and collaborative problem solving.   There will be three academic threads throughout the year:  humanities, science, and math/technology.  More information is here.

 Praise for Pacem

"Pacem has helped my naturally inquisitive son rediscover his love of learning! He is continually stimulated and urged to make connections and think critically.  His relationships with faculty and students inspire and excite him making his experience at Pacem truly transformative!"

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