IMG_7680Each day (except when extreme weather prohibits) students and teachers at Pacem participate together in mid-morning and after-lunch outside times. We are fortunate to have adjacent open spaces so that sledding, soccer, walking, capture the flag and other activities can commence out the back door.  In nice weather, lunch is often held outdoors, and extra-curricular activities usually include cross-country skiing, volleyball, Frisbee, hiking and/or rock climbing, and kayaking or canoeing. We all need to connect to our environment, and Pacem’s commitment to daily outdoor activity as a community increases our well-being, and deepens our interconnectedness to one another and to the natural world.


In addition, we begin and end the year with our friends outside.  In this time, we build community, stretch ourselves, contemplate our goals and accomplishments, and have fun!  We hope you enjoy our video of our latest outdoor days.