Testimonials from Pacem parents and students:

“Pacem has helped my naturally inquisitive son rediscover his love of learning! He is continually stimulated and urged to make connections and think critically. His relationships with faculty and students inspire and excite him making his experience at Pacem truly transformative! As parents, we could not be more thrilled to see [our son] experience the joy that is possible when a child finds the educational setting that works for him.”


“We’re glad to have found Pacem’s combination of rigor and freedom.  With smaller class size and longer class time, the students can really delve into subjects and teachers can better tailor lessons to individual needs and interests. And the recesses are what recesses were meant to be: all-out outdoor fun.”


“Pacem is special to me because I can just be myself.  No one is telling me who to be.  No one is pressuring me to change.  I can act however I want to, wear whatever I want, be whoever I want. Pacem is the only school I know where students can just be themselves.”


“Pacem is special to me because of the more in depth work, less worksheets, and more outdoor time.”


“Pacem is special to me because we have 10 minutes to reflect and sit in silence at break, we get to play awesome games at break, I feel very welcome here.”

IMG_6986sm“This is my favorite school in the world. I love it!”


“Pacem was AMAZING this year. I am so happy that I have this opportunity for my middle school years. Thank You So Much.”


“Thank you to all the teachers for teaching me very well! I enjoyed my classes very much!!! Thank you Pacem!”


“[Pacem teachers] Have high expectations and this has helped my child achieve and accomplish more than he thought he could.”


“[Pacem] Treats students with kindness and respect, create safe, stimulating environment for learning.”


“[Pacem] Tries to connect with the children individually and help them learn from the place where she or he is at.”


“Pacem is [unique for several reasons]:  first is the role models of the teachers, who are prepared to collaborate and not dictate (up to a point); second, the lessons they are learning in history that reasonable people can differ and still not kill each other; third, the ideas taught through their history classes that we all must be the change they want to see in the world; fourth that — through history — there is a core, trans-cultural, underpinning of decent humane behavior which has prevailed over time, and finally the historical awareness that violence has proven counterproductive to the intentions / desires of all involved.”


“Pacem has a very friendly atmosphere and the teachers are extremely helpful and nice.”


“At Pacem the students get more freedom of choice than at most other schools.”


“I really enjoy Pacem because it is a very fun and really friendly community. (I also like having 2 recesses!)”

“I love Pacem because the whole community is united as friends no matter what the age or gender.”