IMG_6274Pacem’s deep sense of community and its size both allow and are supported by its distinct form of decision-making, the sociocratic process. This approach to decision-making is based on the equality of each person and on honoring the voice of each individual.  We believe that creative and high quality decisions come from a synthesis of many ideas through a consent-based, facilitated, decision-making process in our sociocratic process. This process builds community, trust, group problem-solving and communication skills, and it assures that no voice or idea is lost.

In this system, all members of our community are part of a “circle”.  Each circle has its own aims and functions and governs a part of the organization.  Our current circles are student circle, parent circle, faculty circle, general circle, and board circle.  The general circle is made up of representatives from each other circle and oversees day-to-day operations.  The board circle has financial oversight of the organization.