Our MissionPacem offers a range of support services to homeschoolers.  These are particularly useful to first time homeschoolers, but can be helpful at any point in the process.  We can provide assistance with:

• VT Home Study enrollment paperwork
• Curriculum planning
• Finding and choosing educational resources that meet the student’s needs and fit the parent’s preferred approach and philosophy,
• Teaching strategies
• Troubleshooting and problem solving
• Homeschool transcript preparation
• Year-end homeschool assessments
• College guidance

Homeschool students enrolled in a class at Pacem can take advantage of our Homeschool Advising Package.   With our homeschool advising package, Pacem’s homeschool expert, Rebecca Yahm, will provide you with support for your homeschool curriculum, planning, and teaching throughout the year. The first advising meeting will take place in the summer or early fall to get help developing educational goals for the year, planning curriculum, finding resources, and/or completing state paperwork.  In the middle of the year, you will have an opportunity to check in and address any concerns or issues you might be facing, since mid-year questions and new directions are common.  At the end of the year, you will meet for a homeschool assessment, which fulfills the state of Vermont Home Study year-end assessment requirement and is also an opportunity to review and appreciate your child’s progress and accomplishments during the year.  Meetings in addition to the ones described here can be scheduled for additional cost.  The cost of this package is $240.