Daily Schedule
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday):

Class 1:  8:30 – 10:05 (95 minutes) 

Morning Activity/Meeting: 10:05 -10:50 (45 minutes)

Class 2: 10:50 -12:25 (95 minutes)

Lunch and break:  12:25 – 1:25 (60 minutes)

Class 3:  1:25 – 3:00 (95 minutes)

Classes:  At Pacem, we believe that there is great value in studying one subject in depth for a longer period of time.  Consequently, on a given day only three classes meet, each for 95 minutes.

Morning Activity and Morning Meeting:  This time is a critical part of our day.  Students and faculty play together outside, forming a cornerstone of our community.  Our activities are varied, but always give us the opportunity to exercise our bodies, while allowing our minds to recharge.  Sometimes we play traditional and non-traditional games, other days we might hike, sled, or engage in team-building exercises.  Following the activity we have our morning meeting.  Meeting starts with 10 minutes of silent reflection, which allows all of us to unwind and sharpen our focus on the day ahead.  Meeting ends with discussions and announcements as needed.

Lunch and Break:  Sharing food is an important part of our community, and we have lunch in a relaxed and unhurried atmosphere.  Often people play games as they eat.  Once lunch is through we head outside again to get our bodies moving before the final class period of the day.


Thursday mornings at Pacem are devoted to a few shorter term arts offerings.  For students not interested in art, this is a good time to explore internship opportunities, community service projects, or other compatible programs such as “Earthwalk”.  Faculty guide students in making the best use of their time.  The possibilities are endless! 

On Thursday afternoons, Pacem hosts a series of 1 – 6 week long workshops.  In these workshops, we will take advantage of local organizations and experts.  Students may register for the entire series of workshops, or for individual offerings.  Interested students are invited to play a significant role in choosing workshop topics, organizing them, and even leading them.  Past workshop topics have included map and compass navigation, geocaching, Shakespeare reading and performance, digital photography, archery and more.