IMG_7010Pacem provides homeschoolers with the academic support and social community that many families are seeking.  Students take classes, come to breaks, use the space for independent work, and participate in events.  Students often talk about how much they value their friendships and the inclusive community, and parents often speak particularly about the quality of the teaching.  Academic and enrollment options are flexible so that each student can participate in ways that best complement the rest of their homeschool program.

Classes – Homeschoolers at Pacem choose classes based on individual interest and needs, and our courses can be used to fulfill state home study curriculum requirements.   Some students take only one class, while others take several.  Some choose classes that the parent feels less comfortable teaching, while others choose to take classes in a favorite subject.   Teachers have experience accommodating a range of skills and background knowledge in one class, and welcome parental input into how each student learns best.   Homeschoolers often really enjoy the opportunity to learn in a group context.  We also offer an Independent Study option, in case there is a course students are seeking that we aren’t currently providing.

Breaks, lunches, and special events – Most homeschoolers also participate in morning breaks and lunches, and find this to be important social and community time.  Enrolled students are welcome to come for break or lunch whenever Pacem is open.  Likewise, families find that participating in Pacem events outside of class hours is also a valuable way to be part of the community.

Enrollment status – Homeschoolers at Pacem are enrolled in Home Study with the State of Vermont, rather than as fulltime Pacem students.  Parents have the overall responsibility for overseeing the student’s learning experiences and demonstrating progress to the state each year, although Pacem offers support services that can help with this.  See Enrollment FAQ for more info.