Pacem now is a state-recognized independent high school and offers a complete full-time high school curriculum and a high school diploma upon completion.


In order to be considered full-time, students must engage in meaningful academic experiences for a minimum of 27.5 hours a week.  In addition, students must take a minimum of 6 credits of classes.  Most classes are one credit classes.  A one credit class meets a minimum of 190 minutes a week, with additional work expected outside of class, for an entire year.
When a student enters the Pacem high school program, we will assign him or her a faculty advisor.  The intention is for a single adult to advise a student throughout their high school career at Pacem.  Graduation requirements are developed individually for each student by the student, parent(s), and advisor.  We expect that most students who have been with us for four years will have a total of at least 24 credits accumulated in classes, independent studies, and a “Capstone Project” completed in their senior year.  We encourage our full-time high school students to take a minimum of the following courses:

  • Four credits of Writing and Literature
  • Three credits of Culture, History, and Peace Studies
  • Three credits of Math
  • Three credits of Science
  • One credit of Art