IMG_7287smPacem School is a state-approved independent high school.  We offer a complete full-time high school curriculum and a high school diploma upon completion.  Below is a list of classes offered in our core curriculum areas.  Students take a mix of core and elective courses.  Electives across subject areas are offered depending on student and faculty interest.

In most subject areas, 14-16 year-olds (roughly 9th and 10th graders) will take the same class and 16-18 year-olds (roughly 11th and 12th graders) will take the same class.  Courses in these areas follow a 2 year course rotation that can be begun in either year.  Expectations in an individual class are higher for more advanced students in each age range.  The exact offerings in an individual year depend on the age and interests of our current population of students.



Course Overview:

Independent Study

In any subject area, students may work with a faculty advisor to design an independent study to substitute for a regular Pacem class.  The purpose of an independent study is to allow students the flexibility to design their own curricula with faculty mentors.  Independent studies must include similar concepts and skills and be of the same quality and complexity as the classes they are replacing.