Order from our Seed Sale!

Help support Pacem, and get a head start on your summer garden with organic seeds from High Mowing in Wolcott Vermont.

We are, once again, participating in a seed fundraiser in partnership with High Mowing Seeds.  Order from us, you pay the same amount that you would in the store, but 50% of the sales go directly to support Pacem School.


A large variety of High Mowing’s most popular varieties are available through this fundraiser.  Please click on the images below to get the full list and descriptions of available seeds.  Please note that occasionally High Mowing is forced to make substitutions for back-ordered items.  They will substitute the closest thing they can to what was ordered.

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Want to support Pacem, but don’t need seeds? You can make a donation now!


Two ways to order:

Download the order form fill it in, and give it to your favorite Pacem Student, or mail it to Pacem at 32 College Street, Montpelier, VT 05602 along with a check made payable to Pacem School


Easy order online through Pacem’s paypal account using the buttons below.

seed type cost
Arugula 2.95

Black Seeded Lettuce 2.95

Red Salad Bowl 2.95

Shelby Spinach 2.95

Rainbow Chard 2.95

Red Russian Kale 2.95

Early Wonder Beet 2.95

De Cicco Broccoli 2.95

Danvers Carrot 2.95

Cherry Belle Radish 2.95

Marketmore Cucumber 2.95

Pickling Cucumber 2.95

Zucchini 2.95

Pie Pumpkin 2.95

Butternut Squash 2.95

Bush Bean 2.95

Snap Pea 2.95

King of the North Pepper 2.95

Brandywine Tomato 2.95

Cherry Tomato 2.95

Italian Parsley 2.95

Cilantro 2.95

Mammoth Sunflower 2.95

Calendula 2.95

Dwarf Nasturtium 2.95

Sunflowers Gift Box 8.25

Salad Greens Gift Box 8.25

Kitchen Herb Gift Box 13.75

Kid’s Garden Gift Box 13.75

Bee’s Garden Gift Box 13.75

Garden Starter Gift Box 27.50

Container Garden Gift Box 27.50

Heirloom Vegetable Gift Box 27.50


Seeds will be available in the second week of April  We can deliver seeds to anyone within Montpelier, arrange for seed pick-up from Pacem School, or mail your seeds to you.  If you would like us to mail your seeds, please be sure to make a selection below, which will add shipping costs to your order, or add $3 to your check if ordering by mail.

Please Ship My Seeds!

If you would like us to mail your seeds, select the appropriate option below and add it to your cart.

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