All of our classes are open to both homeschoolers and full-time students.  Now, however, we have space in a new shorter- term classes that might be of special interest to homeschoolers.

For more Information and to register: call 802-223-1010

Experimental Engineering

Thursdays 10:30 – 12:00 Feb 2 – June 8   (Note that there is no class March 2, April 20, or April 27)
For ages 10-14
Cost:  $445
Instructor: Paul Wallich

Making things is fun. When students learn to think analytically about what they’re making rather than just jumping in with tape, glue, and other bits, it can ultimately be even more fun, and even useful. The back-of-the-envelope course will tour a few areas of engineering.  Students will construct a variety of items.  First, they’ll make predictions about the performance of their constructions, and then test them to see how they perform!

We’ll start with basic structural engineering: building things and breaking them to find out just how much load can popsicle sticks, dowels and fishing line carry?  Next, we’ll explore solar energy.  We’ll investigate making solar cells more efficient and explore other uses for solar energy.  We’ll end with electronics and logic: building simple computing circuits on solderless breadboards.

Along the way students will learn the basics of using a 3D printer and a laser cutter.  This will be a very small tutorial style class that will expect students to be able to work independently and will encourage exploration.