Physical and health education are integrated into the daily routines and classes of all of our students.  Where appropriate, specific health issues are addressed in the context of academic classes.  For example, community health, environmental health, and pollution are covered in Environmental Science.  Communicable diseases, nutrition, and human development are covered in biology.  In addition, three days in the spring are devoted annually to health education.  These days include seminars given by members of the Pacem community or outside professionals.  Possible topics for these seminars include health careers, drug education, family and mental health.

We believe that strong community, self esteem, and physical fitness build the foundation for good health.  The year begins and ends with several days devoted to outdoor recreation which could include hiking, backpacking, canoeing, community service, and team building.  The goal of these days is to foster the creation of a cohesive school community, and teach communication, conflict resolution and personal and group decision-making skills, in addition to nurturing in our students what we hope will be a life-long love of physical outdoor activity.  We build on these skills every day throughout the year in our morning break time, which includes 30 minutes of physical activity (sport, game, activity, or team-building challenge) followed by morning meeting.  Morning meeting begins with time for silent reflection followed by an opportunity for students and faculty to share reflections and discuss issues.

Throughout their time at Pacem, students gain competence in the following areas:

  • Hiking and other outdoor skills
  • Team games (specific games dependent on student interest, may include ultimate Frisbee, basketball, soccer among others)
  • Collaborative problem solving and group games
  • Leadership of physical activities
  • Outdoor and trail safety
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Self-advocacy and self-confidence