Art Studio

Art Studio provides the essential foundation in exploring art skills and forms: observation, composition, color, and rhythms, patterns and storytelling.  Since creative freedom is an underlying principal at Pacem, the Art Studio seeks to expose students to the various rules of the arts in order that they may be intentionally broken if so desired.  The class focuses on:

  • Exposure to, observation and appreciation of great artists and different art forms;
  • Exploration of a wide variety of materials;
  • Skill development;
  • Self-expression in the act of creation.

Two Art Studio classes are offered in alternating years:

First year:

Observation: Through the Looking Glass, Art from Nature Documenting Life and Color

Second year:

Composition: Balance, Direction, Power; My Life: Rhythms and Storytelling in Art

Advanced Electives

Once students have gained a foundation of skills in Art Studio, they are able to take avant garde and advanced classes that stretch boundaries and hone skills.  Possible advanced electives include:

  • Swish!: Multi-Media Performing Arts aka Theater of Invention
  • Fine Arts Portfolio: Honing Your Artistic Skills
  • Photo & Radio Documentary

Performing Arts

Pacem offers a variety of performing arts opportunities.  These may include the following:

  • Chorus
  • Spyglass Theater
  • Other classes depending on student and faculty interest.