All of our classes are open to both homeschoolers and full-time students.  This year, however, we have a few shorter term classes that might be of special interest to homeschoolers.

Beginning French

Tuesday/Friday 10:55 – 11:45 September 10 – December 20
Are you looking to add foreign language and culture to your days? Come learng French with us! This class is introduction to the language and cultures of French speaking countries around the world. Class time will include games, music, cultural studies, and story-telling and other methods to encourage basic vocabulary and grammar acquisition. In addition, simple reading and skits may reinforce what is learned. French is spoken in over 60 countries, and students will explore some of these countries through study of foods, cultures, and music. Class earns 1/4 credit at Pacem School. Cost $380.  Open to students ages 10-18

Paper Art

Thursdays 8:30 – 12:00 September 12 – October 31
Paper is a versatile and accessible medium. We will explore its many possibilities. Some of our possible projects will be paper casting and lantern making. We will also create unique artist’s books with interesting structures, that can enhance the meaning and the content of the book. Studio art classes at Pacem give students a solid foundation of technique and design principles while still allowing for personal self-expression. Students also are exposed to both historic and contemporary artists as inspiration for their own work. Class earns 1/4 credit at Pacem School. Cost $450.  Open to students ages 10-18.

Jewelry Art

Thursdays 8:30 – 12:00 November 7 – January 23
We will construct jewelry and seek inspiration by looking at examples of artisans work from both here and around the world. Our projects will include beading, wire working, fused glass, and other projects depending on interest.  Class earns 1/4 credit at Pacem School.  Cost $450.  Open to students ages 10-18.

The Ancients

Tuesday/Friday 8:30 – 10:05 September 10 – December 20
Delve into the mysteries of ancient history! This class will take an in-depth look at several ancient cultures from around the world, which will be chosen in part based on student interest.  Through a range of different experiences, we’ll explore aspects of these cultures including mythology, customs, religion and spirituality, science and mathematics, and the arts, and attempt to bring these cultures to life.  We’ll also look at the impact of major developments such as agriculture and written language and discuss how historians and archaeologists learn about the ancient past.  This class will include hands-on activities like art and theater as well as literature, discussion, oral presentations, and both creative and expository writing.  Class earns 1/2 credit at Pacem School.  Cost $760.  Open to students ages 10-14

Computer Graphics and Programming:

Thursdays 8:30 – 12:00 Starting September 12 – December 19
This class covers introductory computer programming with an emphasis on making images on the screen. We will start with scratch and Python to teach software concepts and coding techniques.  Students will also have opportunities to learn the basics of widely used free image-creation software such as Inkscape, GIMP and Blender. In addition to creating images, these applications also offer additional opportunities for coding in the form of scripts and custom functions. With Blender and other programs, students will be able to explore the creation of 3-D models, which can ultimately put near-realistic images onscreen, or serve as the basis for 3D-printed objects.  Cost $760.  Open to students ages 12-18 and younger with permission.