Pacem is pleased to announce that we will be continuing our short enrichment classes for younger students aged 8 to 10 on Thursdays in the spring of 2021.  Children of this age are excited to explore their expanding world, and we want to support them!  These classes will foster creativity, inquiry, skill development, and problem solving.

Our 6-week long session will run from April 29 to June 3 and will take place outside in the woods and fields near Pacem.  We will offer three courses; students are welcome to join us for one, two, or all three!  There will be a structured morning break and lunch between the classes for students who are taking more than one class.

Exploring Habitats  (9:30 – 10:30)  Instructor: Jaime Cotton   Students will hone their observation skills as they explore the ecosystems surrounding Pacem.  Students will create micro and macro plots to determine what living and nonliving things are found there.  They will think about how energy moves through these habitats and how that affects who lives there.  Students will create multi-media visuals to represent each habitat.

Fabulous Fractions – (11:00 – 12:00) Instructor: Jaime Cotton   Students will use concepts in nature, such as moon phases and seasons, natural objects, such as the number of different types of trees in a given plot, and manipulatives to explore and understand fraction concepts.  For students who are ready, the connection between fractions, percentages, decimals will be explored.  Students will create a different visual for each class that represents the work that they did for the day.  Along with these concepts, there will be review in basic math facts.  It’s okay if some of these concepts are brand new to the student!

Maps and Treasure Hunts – (12:45 – 2:00)  Instructor: Rebecca Yahm   How can a map tell the important things about a place?  How can we create treasure hunts that are fun and just challenging enough?  What does it take to make clear and interesting maps and clues that other people can follow?  What are the treasures of Sabin’s pasture?  We’ll explore these questions as we explore the woods and fields making maps and treasure hunts.  Along the way, we’ll learn and practice map skills and other geography concepts, develop graphicacy (the ability to understand and present information in visual images), and work on writing clear and compelling sentences and paragraphs.

Pricing:  We encourage students to take multiple classes in a single session as we will be building community and connecting concepts in different classes.  Pricing below is for one six-week long block of classes.  Students taking multiple classes are encouraged to join us for morning break between the first two classes, and lunch between the second two classes.

Single class:  $120

Two classes taken in the same session:  $220

Three classes taken in the same session:  $295

Registration is now open!  Register below.

We currently have a waiting list for “Fabulous Fractions” and “Maps and Treasure Hunts”  Feel free to register at the link below, and we’ll let you know if a space opens up.

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