Pacem is pleased to announce that we will be offering a series of short enrichment classes for younger students aged 8 to 10 on Thursdays in 2020-2021.  Children of this age are excited to explore their expanding world, and we want to support them!  These classes will foster creativity, inquiry, skill development, and problem solving.  There will be three threads offered throughout the year:  Humanities, Science, and Math/Computer science.  

Our second 7-week long session will run from October 29 to December 17, it will be inside at Pacem School, following all our our COVD guidelines.  Due to indoor space constraints, we are only able to offer one class.  We are hoping to bring back our full program in the spring when we can again be inside.

Introduction to Programming in Scratch  11 am to 12 pm Thursdays; seven sessions: October 29 to December  17 (no class on Thanksgiving)  Cost: $120.  Instructor Paul Wallich

Students will learn basic programming principles using MIT’s Scratch system. Programs in Scratch are built by connecting and customizing blocks on screen rather than typing code, but much of the knowledge gained from learning Scratch transfers well to more conventional programming languages.

Students will learn how to code a simple game in Scratch, and then apply what they’ve learned for another project, either a game or a presentation/simulation. Scratch is a web-based system, so students will be able to work on class projects or their own projects at home as well as during our weekly class hour.

Basic keyboard and mouse skills will be required.

Future courses in our humanities thread may include “Mapping Imaginary Lands”  “Creating a Village” and “Creating Fact-Based Board Games”.  Science offerings may include topics such as “Kitchen Chemistry”, “Wheels, Gears, and Things that Roll” and “Matter and Energy”.  Our technology/math thread may include “Creating computer programs in Scratch” and “Geometry in Nature”.  

Registration is now open!  Register below.

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