Please consider donating to our renovation fund!

We are very excited to be beginning a multi-year renovation project.  This summer we will be completing phase 1: an overhaul of one of our main classrooms.  We are very excited to turn our very functional space into a beautiful learning environment, but we need your help! Here are some of the things that we are planning to purchase.  You can choose which one you’d like to help us get. Please donate now to help cover the cost of one of the items below. (Please note that these images are general representations only of what we are planning.)



Carpet tile: $10 a tile




Skypanels to improve the quality of light and brighten the ceiling: $40 each




Paint – we’re planning several different colors: $55 a bucket






Forest-themed tall cubbies (designed by Pacem’s on math teacher, designer and carpenter, Dan Wetmore): $100 a cubby.






Replastering the cinderblock wall: $600 to cover the whole wall




We are extremely grateful to the following folks who have thus far made financial donations to make this possible:

Mark Harris, Karen Sharpwolf, Nicole Morlan, Mary Wolf, Hazel Turrone, Rebecca Yahm, Elinor Yahm, Jill Aspinall, Kate Burnim, Susam Dorman, Kiana LaDeau, Michelle Maitri-Mudita, Adam Necrason, Lexi Shear, Steve Sharp, Chris Stone

We are also grateful to folks who put in tremendous amounts of time an energy to make this possible including:

Jaime Cotton, Karen Sharpwolf, Hazel Turrone, Geoff Butler, Katrina Coravos, Kiana LaDeau, Silas Wolf, Linnaea Shear, Sophia Sharp, Steve Sharp, Dylan Nadeau, Laura McCaffrey, Forrest Morrow-Caron.  And especially to Andreas John and Adam Cotton, professional contractors who donated some or all of their time to make this happen.